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Not here right now, leave a message? Calling card? Note? Letter?

IC AND OOC contact post.
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Good morning, Madison-san! How are you feeling? I actually had a question for you!
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Ah well, I have a very dear friend who would love to learn about Dunamis and I immediately thought of you since you're so skilled with it!
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That would be great! Thank you so so so much, Madison-san! You'll love Rei-chan, she's absolutely brilliant and elegant! I'll let her know you said yes! What can I do to thank you!
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I've never been good at school outside of home economics, honestly. I pretty much fail everything. I'd just be keeping you two back.
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.... No exams? Like none? [Madison, you have found the key to Usagi's heart.]
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Seriously none at all? Just practice?
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And my emotions are the focus? Well, I mean, I know they're the focus but seriously, NO tests?
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Ah... well, I would always want to protect my loved ones... [And with that desire, Usagi could do anything and everything. She nodded.]

Alright! I'll come! I don't want my loved ones to have to worry about protecting me. [They already do that , she doesn't want to add to it.]